Llamagraphics, as a business, has reached the difficult decision not to continue development or support of the Life Balance app project.

Other projects at Llamagraphics are taking off for our clients and require our attention. The business as a whole is okay, and we are fine, but Life Balance is not.

I have been reluctant to close the door on this project, because I am incredibly proud of the work. I know that the method is useful. I’ve depended on it, and know that others out there have too. It is difficult for me to conclude that Life Balance has failed in the marketplace, when it has been so helpful in the context of our own lives. 

For a variety of reasons, technical, financial, and personal, we now have “to give up.”

I personally believe in this case, “to give” is in the spirit of generosity, and “up” is a positive direction. This is one of those times when you have to have the courage to be willing to let go of something to allow the room necessary in your life for other good and amazing things to happen. Letting go of old projects allows new ideas to flourish with the proper dedication, energy and enthusiastic effort. When you open your hands to accept new work, your mind and heart can follow unencumbered.

It should come as no surprise that over the course of over twenty or so years, our lives have changed and our interests have shifted. I am not the same person as when we first designed Life Balance, and that is as it should be. 

We are sorry for any disruption this may cause. For those looking for some alternatives, there is no shortage out there of things to try and explore. (For instance, you might enjoy a variation of the Bullet Journal, taking the whole idea of planning back to pencil and paper. If you are looking for a digital answer, Task Paper has some advantages.) It won’t be the exact same thing as Life Balance, but we have faith in your abilities and your infinite creativity for making the most of your to do lists in any shape or form! 

Stuart and I would especially like to thank all of customers over the many years for taking an interest in the Life Balance app. We wish you every happiness and success. 

Kind regards, and our gratitude, 

Catherine E. White
Llamagraphics, Inc.