Dynamically changing website serving international customers

FarSounder is a Providence-area business specializing in advanced marine sonar systems for obstacle avoidance and ship protection. FarSounder has clients around the globe, so their website is an important source of information to their customers. Their technically savvy staff created their website in Drupal 5, but as their business grew it made less sense for them to upgrade and enhance the site on their own. In 2010 they came to Llamagraphics for help with a major site upgrade and enhancements to make the site more organized and easier to manage. Some of the enhancements included:

  • Upgrading the site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6
  • Configuring the site for better organization of screenshots and video
  • Re-implementing the tradeshows section of the site, so that older tradeshows would be de-listed automatically
  • Installing a “lightbox” module to enhance the display of media

FarSounder and Llamagraphics are now making plans to internationalize the site, so that customers from around the world will view the site in their own language.